Uncle Abel showing the kids from Bob’s Burgers how to skate

Abel and Bob's Burgers kids skating

So, after quite an awkward for some, and exciting for others, “bring your friend to school” day, Abel decided to teach the kids from Bob’s Burgers some true life lessons. First things first, if you can’t do a proper Pop Shuv-it, you can’t survive on the streets! You gotta learn the right moves before hitting the asphalt with your deck. Louise was very much into it and showed great potential, she even got the other kids jealous. After that, the gang moved on to do 50-50 Grind, Frontside Noseslide, Backside Grind, and a bit of Dropping In & Pumping. Needless to say, not everyone mastered the tricks, but Louise did all of them flawlessly!

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