Quasimoto wondering how Abel got in there…

Abel and Quasimoto in a payphone

Judging by the redness of his eyes, you can guess Abel got to a pretty great idea…aren’t all ideas great when you’re stoned? Anyway, Abel and Quasimoto were chillin on the streets, smoking up a few blunts, no one can arrest a couple of animated characters. Lord Quas and Abel keep popping up where you’d least expect them, surprising folks with some killer weed. So, they were wondering what they cold use as a bong, or an inhalator of sorts, you know, to boost the effect even further, and then Abel stepped in a payphone, shut the doors, and started inhaling all them lovely fumes. Needless to say the effect was significantly enhanced, but do not try this yourself, unless you’re an animated character that is.

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