Just another Adventure Time

Abel and another Adventure Time party

Shmowzow! Now that was a successful raid of the Ice King’s treasure room. Man, that guy has some weird thing going on for him… I mean, I know he’s been through a lot with Marcy and all that, but c’mon, collecting socks from Tree Trunks, old batteries from Beemo, zest from Lemongrab… He’s into some weird stuff! Almost makes you think he’s up to no good again, preparing some more mischief. Good thing Abel was there to mess it all up for him and spoil whatever the Ice King had in store. On their way back, Finn, Jake and Abel found the Snail as he was hitchhiking for a ride, so they decided to give him a lift. Abel never really trusted that little guy, especially after he had been possessed by the Lich. Now when you think about it, what was he doing in the Ice Kingdom in the first place…?

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