Chillin with Asap Rocky

Asap Rocky and Abel

Growing up in Harlem ain’t no easy deal, and Asap Rocky knows it the best. Rakim Mayers is standing tall behind the notorious A$AP mob, leading the way of the new hip-hop scene. Abel and Rocky started young, throwing out rhymes as early as 8-years old. Hey, when you’re named after such a legend like Rakim from the hip-hop duo Eric B & Rakim, you know you’ve got stardom written in your path. Here are Abel and Rocky, chillin, just before the show, making sure everything’s all right. Whenever Asap gets a bit down or insecure, Abel reminds him of what his name truly means “Always Strive And Prosper” and to keep his head up. But it’s time to hit the stage soon, so Abel’s gotta bounce.

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