With Queen B

Abel and Beyonce Queen B

Abel knows them girls run the world! And who better to lead the way and wear the crown than the one and only – Queen B! Abel and Beyonce make a fierce team! It was the little guy who came up with that savage choreography for the Single Ladies, and even though Beyonce thought it was ridiculous and would never work, Abel got her to do it. And guess what, it was absolutely ridiculous, it’s one of those dances you come up with while stage 4 drunk and surrounded by no one else but your closest homies so you can all laugh together, or while you’re home alone, strutting your birthday suit and just celebrating life on your own. Anyway, Queen B pulled it off, and believe you me, there ain’t no one else who could make that dance work and still look awesome! Hmm, wonder when someone will put a ring on Abel’s finger…

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