Just tryna get a burger and bob’s being a dick

Bob's Burgers, Archer, Adventure Time and Abel

Archer, LSP and Abel all got together on their lunch breaks, wanted to hit some Bob’s Burgers, but the place wasn’t open! What a bummer! LSP got so annoyed she almost threw a brick through the window, you all know her temper… But Archer managed to calm her down… You might not think so, but the two of them get along so well, in fact, they’re probably best friends, even though neither one of them would admit it. It all started at one party long time ago, Archer was going undercover, investigating some terrorist suspects, and LSP was just being the drama queen as always, making a scene. Archer ended up complimenting her appearance to calm her down, and it worked, little did he know, he actually meant all the nice things he said…

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