Onstage with my boy MF Doom

Abel and MF Doom

The Super Villain, the man behind the Metal Face, MF Doom killin it on stage with his main man Abel. You may know Daniel Dumile from one of his many aliases like King Geedorah, Viktor Vaughn, or simply MF Doom, but Abel knew the guy way back before the mask was on. A musical genius like Doom, no way Abel would not know the cat! He is a master at his craft, they way he conjures them verses from a handful of colloquialisms, and personal observations, sprinkled with some clever humor and social critique, he’s like a master chef in a kitchen, always cookin something amazing from a variety of fresh ingredients. But to truly understand all the layers of his songs, you gotta really listen, not just hear the track, but actually listen with all your might, and catch all the meanings behind each line, word, syllable, let every beat take you closer to the meaning. Just follow Abel’s lead.

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