Abel with the OG Snoop Dogg and The Game

Abel with Snoop Dogg and The Game

It’s always amazing to see someone come a long way from their past and really grow into a great person. Snoop Dogg, The Game and Abel used to run the streets, living that real thug life, you know how it is. But times change, people grow, and if we don’t learn from our past, then we don’t deserve a future. Sure, The Game, Abel and Snoop Dogg got into a lot of mischief back in the day, but when it comes to what matters, all three have their hearts in the right place. Just last year, Snoop and The Game organized an L.A. Gang Forum trying to bring an end to the violence between the BLOODS and CRIPS, so even though the streets raised you, it doesn’t mean you can’t break off from the chains.

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