Getting stoned with Abel and the Dugtrio from Pokemon

Abel and Dugtrio

Has it ever happened that you get so high you end up as one of the heads from the Dugtrio of Pokemon? No? Well, it happened to Abel… One moment he was on the couch, chilling with Rick while Morty was panicking about something… and then – PUF! Abel opened his eyes and realized he was one of the heads of Dugtrio, with all the Pokemon characters around. Guess that’s what happens when you take too much of that Trans-Dimensional weed, never trusting Rick with bringing the weed again. Anyway, since the Dugtrio apparently shares emotions, thoughts and whatnot, it wasn’t long before the other two heads started feeling stoned from Abel. Let’s just say new dimensions were discovered, and how Abel will find his way back, remains a mystery…

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