Abel got stuck in rainy traffic with Bob and crew.

Abel and Bob's Burgers crew

Abel and Bob’s Burgers crew were on their way to surprise Linda for her birthday. Of course, the rain started pouring heavily, only causing even more traffic jams. So, what else was there to do but play some driving games. First up was the charming Tina, and after 21 excruciating questions her answer to “what is the only thing that would survive an apocalypse?” was obviously a horse… Next up was Bob, his question had the gang think of what was the most terrifying thing to him. A few questions in and the answer revealed a very traumatizing event with his mother-in-law Gloria. And then there was Abel, he asked Bob a simple question “What goes into your burger?”, in return this made old Bob rethink his life choices, sexuality, and future in an instant…

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