Abel on stage rocking out with Chance The Rapper

Chance The Rapper and Abel on stage

The gospel/hip-hop creative soul that is Chance The Rapper still refuses to sign a deal with a record label even though ludicrous amounts of money were spoken of. After collaborating with and befriending numerous other popular music icons (the dude calls BeyoncĂ© “Auntie YoncĂ©”, he was featured on Childish Gambino’s album, and performed with Eminem and other superstars), Chance realized that it’s important to share your creative flow with others and work together. Few months later, Abel was invited to join him on stage and play one of his famous solos on guitar. Abel being a cool cat aced that solo all the while smoking a blunt, making the whole crowd bounce with the beat. When great people come together, amazing things can happen.

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