Drawn together & Abel

Drawn Together Abel

Abel was almost cast as a regular character on Drawn Together, but he lost the part to that annoying little Ling-Ling thingy. Anyway, he was really close with the rest of the cast, especially with that fine piece of ass Princess Clara. Not only is she hot AF, but she’s also chill and gets baked all the time, so you can imagine Abel and her got along pretty well. But that bitch be crazy! You don’t wanna know what suggestions she made to Abel, and I don’t know if half of it would be legal to even talk about. She kept on trying to reveal her “dirty little secret” to Abel… The little guy was so lucky not to go along with it, I mean, do you remember that thing?! How could you not, I bet it’s etched in your brain like everyone else’s who saw it…

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