Throwback Abel making art with with his friend Andy Warhol

Throwback Abel making art with Andy Warhol

After a long day of work at The Factory, Abel and Andy Warhol used to break boundaries between art and pop culture, redefining both worlds. Hey, when you get rejected by your school’s arts club because you’re too talented, you gotta find a way to make it on your own. Luckily, Abel was there to help the great Andy Warhol both with ideas and production of masterpieces. One of the things they also liked to do together was assembling the famous “time capsules”, apparently Andy was very much into collecting small trinkets and memorabilia from certain periods, and he would neatly store them in boxes labeled by the year. If Abel remembers correctly, you could find all sorts of things in there; from a lump of concrete and unopened letters, to some quite saucy pornographic assemblages from Warhol’s friends and colleagues…

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