Throwback wedding with Abel and Finn in Adventure Time

Abel and Finn wedding in Adventure Time

Oh my glob! Now that was one blee blop of a stag party! Can’t believe everyone made it through… The Flame Princess was there, Peppermint Buttler, Marceline, Tree Trunks… Heck! Even the Earl of Lemongrab made an appearance! But it wasn’t until Abel joined in that the party really got going. Abel is pretty much the only guy who can summon the Party God, get filled with the energy of a 1000 partying demons and survive the night to tell the tale the next morning. Well, he is still hungover from all the spiced up fizzy drinks Marcy brought, so he can’t quite talk, but there’s nothing a good old Everything Burrito can’t remedy. Is that Jake starting to play his viola? Well, guess the wedding is on, grab your friends, it’s time for round 2 of partying!

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