Showing this family how to have a good time. #wheresabel #bobsburgers

Abel and Bob's Burgers fun

After showing up for Tina’s “take your friend to class” day, Abel decided to take the Bob’s Burgers family on a fun little trip. On their way to pick up Linda, the gang got stuck in the traffic, but some quality time spent together helped pass the time… Finally, the traffic cleared up, and so did the clouds, and now it’s all about the great outdoors. There’s loads of activities in plan, setting up the tent, building a fire, exploring the surroundings, finding food… But, before all of that; dancing! There’s nothing like heading out to nature where there’s no one around for miles, and just singing and dancing your heart out like there’s no tomorrow! And, judging by the look on Tina’s face, there might be no tomorrow for the over-enthusiastic little red guy…

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